Terre della Pieve

It all started with a trip....                                                                                             Back


It all started with a trip, as it often happens to people who love to travel and keep their eyes open to the surrounding world. When I took my first steps towards my journey, I did not imagine it would change my life by giving it a special meaning. It just suddenly happened! It was the fall of 1996, in the setting of Montalcino in Tuscany, that I discovered the wine, its essence, its culture, its soul and the world that revolves around it… the land, people, science, nature and knowledge. I went on that trip as I needed a break from my daily commitments, I didn’t imagine ever receiving an oenological baptism. Through it I discovered the potential of the “Sangiovese” vine, the care that has to be used to look after the old vineyards, the ancient scent of the historical cellars. I remember it was very cold outside. My wife Cinzia and my daughters were all bundled up, just as I was. I felt awkward but also stunned by the view of that gorgeous vineyard and by the wonderful taste of “Brunello” wine. I felt as if I had been struck by the Stendhal syndrome. This chance encounter pushed me, some years afterwards, to be brave enough to make a change in my life.

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For many years I worked in a family business that deals with transportation. Then in 2000, in my early forties, I realized that my passion for wine could be turned into a profession. After taking some sommelier lessons, I started producing wine myself. After consulting with my wife and receiving the support of the whole family - including my mother Libera, an energetic woman of the old school who is still called “the marshal of the house” - I bought a small five acre farm in the hills of Bertinoro. This was an important step which I could take with the help of some friends. It left me penniless, but I was rich in new enthusiasm. I was aware of being finally able to do what I love in life. After so many years, I do not know if all this happened because of that trip I took in the Autumn of 1996, or because destiny had already written that I was to end up in the middle of these vineyards. I have become a “vigneron” able to work hard in order to obtain the most out of what is available. I cannot say if it took me courage or unconsciousness to go off and venture into the world of wine … perhaps both of these drove me into this path. I was probably unconscious, while my wife Cinzia, my children Camilla, Elisabetta, Matteo and everyone who believed in me, certainly helped me to gain courage.