All Start From A Vine

The vine is a plant that is cultivated in hundreds of different varieties, and each produces a different kind of wine. The taste of wine depends on the type of soil where the vine grows, the climate, the winemaking techniques, and ageing. However, all wines produced from grapes of the same variety have something that brings them together and distinguishes them. For this reason, for all quality wines, there are “disciplinary regulations” which indicate for each of them the region (called Designation of Origin), the type of grape whose cultivation is permitted, the manner of cultivation, and the processing of each vine.

When we mention DOC or DOCG, we are specifically referring to Italian wines. In other regions, there are different terms and quality certifications to identify wines. To ensure the wine-maker first and the consumer after, botanists have ventured into various systems of description and cataloguing of the vines for a long time, creating Ampelografia (from the Greek Ampelos= vine, and graphia= description, study), namely the discipline that studies the vine in its species and varieties.