Selected Vineyards

When the palate encounters something truly special, the desire to share it with friends takes over…

On this page, you will find a selection of vineyards we have collaborated with from 2012 until today. Some of these collaborations are still active, but all were chosen for the quality and naturalness of their products. If you are interested in trying special wines, we highly recommend you take a look at these. The passion and commitment of the winegrowers are reflected in every sip, offering unique experiences. Do not hesitate to experience and discover the pleasure of their wines.

Terre Grecaniche​

Established in 2012, Terre Grecaniche is a nature-loving group focused on rebuilding a promising community. Inspired by Greek Calabria’s language and culture, we cultivate organic grapes in vineyards overlooking Capo Spartivento. Nestled in the unspoiled Aspromonte region, our vineyards yield the renowned IGT Palizzi red wine, reflecting friendship and solidarity. Terre Grecaniche is a social enterprise rooted in local traditions, promoting and preserving the territory.

Azienda Agricola il Casello

Il Casello Vineyard in Bacedasco Basso, Vernasca, specializes in Piacenza wines. Managed by the Rigolli family since the 1950s, it combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. The 18-hectare vineyards follow the Guyot method at 250 meters above sea level. Il Casello produces quality DOC Piacentini wines like Gutturnio, Barbera, Bonarda, Ortrugo, Malvasia, and Sauvignon Blanc. Visit their cellar to explore Emilia Romagna’s wines and values.

Il Poggetto

Poggetto Organic Farm, in Chianti Classico between Siena and Florence, spans 3 hectares of vineyards at 450m above sea level. Managed by Eva and Fabrizio Tozzi since 1986, their exceptional wines are renowned in the Chianti area. With about 3000 hectares of predominantly Sangiovese (85%) and Merlot (15%) vines, they also have 7 acres of olive groves producing light olive oil. Poggetto Organic Farm is an Italian Organic Operators member since 2008.


The Trerè family’s wine legacy began in the 60s, now spanning four generations. Their love for the land and local grapes fuels their family business. They cultivate autochthonous (Sangiovese, Albana) and international grapes (Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc). Technology enhances wine quality, but they cherish the wine’s field origins. Their 35-hectare estate produces 18 unique wines, preserving intergenerational knowledge.

Fattoria di San Quintino

Fattoria di San Quintino, situated 35km from Florence on San Miniato’s truffle hills, was founded in 1967. With 200 hectares of land, including 20 vineyards, 80% of the vineyards have been replanted. Their range comprises Chianti, Sangiovese, Merlot, rosé, and white wines. Recognized internationally with awards like Mundus Vini and Decanter, they embrace new grape varieties and modern cellar techniques while honoring traditional practices.

La Patareina

La Patareina’s philosophy centers on uncompromising quality. We blend expertise, tradition, and passion to craft exceptional products. Meticulous operations leave no room for chance. Each year fuels our process, yielding exclusive wines. Careful grape selection and separate vinification create the finest wines under ‘La Patareina.’ This enduring heritage solidifies our commitment as Piedmont winemakers. ‘The land, the vineyards, the wine’ embodies our belief, work, and passion.

Cantina Moroder

Moroder Estate’s vineyard in Montacuto spans 32 hectares. Nestled within the Mount Conero Nature Reserve, the vineyards offer stunning sea views. Since 1837, the Moroder family has dedicated themselves to agriculture, inheriting the estate in the 18th century. In the 1980s, Serenella and Alessandro capitalized on the region’s affinity for black grape cultivation, introducing specialized wines and recognizing the potential of Rosso Conero, the first DOC wine of Marche.

Tenuta Elisabet

Founded in 2008-2009, Azienda Agricola Tenuta Elisabet transformed a country house into a modern haven in Oltrepò Pavese’s picturesque hills. Their unwavering commitment to wine quality prioritizes the land and each plant, resulting in exceptional bottles. Nestled in a protected valley, the estate is shielded from cold northern winds. The Bonetti family, originating from Franciacorta, actively manages the estate,  overseeing technical and administrative aspects.

Poggio Torselli

Poggio Torselli, in San Casciano in Val di Pesa, encompasses the Chianti Classico region. With 30 hectares of vineyards and 2,700 olive trees, the estate embraces the fragrances and colors of the Tuscan countryside. Balancing modern agronomic techniques with respect for the land, Poggio Torselli aims to preserve the land’s savors and hues. Carefully selected clones for new plantings and environmentally conscious practices uphold their commitment to the territory.

Colle Adimari

Colle Adimari thrives in the hills of Cerreto Guidi, a Renaissance town on the Via Francigena near Florence, Pisa, Lucca, and Siena. Once the Corliano Farm now encompasses vineyards and olive groves, evoking flavours and sensations. The name originates from the area’s first noble family. Nestled in the charming Tuscan landscape, Colle Adimari benefits from a favourable “terroir” of diverse soils, producing wines with distinct characteristics enriched by the mineral-rich composition.

Le Caniette


Founded in 1897, Raphael Vagner purchased the Caniette property in Ripatransone, starting a family business. Over time, additional land was acquired, supporting wine production alongside other activities. Raffaele’s son, John, focused on winemaking in the 1940s, planting vine rows. In the 1960s, Raffaele converted 9 out of 11 hectares of inherited land into vineyards. He developed infrastructure for producing and marketing quality wines, establishing wine as the primary business.