Old Wine Tasting experience




We are wine specialists, specialised in rare and old wines. We have a strong selection of wines from the last 7 decades, and the most important thing is that they are all drinkable. Taste a wine from the 50s or from the 60s is a very interesting experience: every bottle has a story, and time to time you drink, you can feel it. A bottle of vintage wine from opening to finish has at least 4 different flavours, depending on the time the bottle has been left open. We have a wide selection of special vintage wines, such as Barolo, Barbaresco, chianti and much more to offer. There are different events we have scheduled, which they will take place in our wine tasting room in our cellar. The tasting will be scheduled with the tasting of 5 different bottles from different decades and of different grapes group. The bottles will be picked directly from our cellar for you as they are stored at a special temperature to maintain the quality of the product. This opportunity will also entitle you to a special discount if you consider of buying any vintage bottle in our cellar after the tasting: a bottle with the year when they were born or of a year to remember is simply an amazing and different gift that will definitely be kept forever! Book this wonderful experience for you, for a wine lover or a wine connoisseur in one of our events and we, will send you the full list of available dates.

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