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Wine tasting with pairing cheeses

If you love the pairing of cheese and wine, why don't you come to one of our wine tasting! You will be delightful of the quality of wine we have to offer you! In our wine tasting, you will definitely find the essence of Italy in the quality of wine and cheeses served!

Sweet wines and pairing dessert

Treat your palate with great and delicious fortified and sparkling wines complemented by delicious desserts.The selection will be nicely paired with delicious desserts provided by a couple of selected five stars suppliers that will make the experience unique.

Old vintage wine tasting

A bottle of vintage wine from opening to finish has at least 4 different flavours, depending on the time the bottle has been left open. We have a wide selection of special vintage wines, such as Barolo, Barbaresco, Chianti and many more to offer.

People that we make happy last year
"Educational, enjoyable, unique We tasted some very special wines (most of them far older than ourselves). Not only did we taste them, we also learned about the wines themselves, the proper way to consume vintage wines, and about about Italian wines more generally. The staff were very knowledgeable, and most importantly, their enthusiasm about all things wine-related was truly infectious. Highly recommended! "
R C.Verified Reviewer
HR Manager
"extremely high quality experience I have been on many wine tasting experiences, and I rate this one as one of the very best. We tried wines from all across Italy, and I can tell you that all the wines we tried were of superb quality, there was no scrimping on this experience. We even bought a couple of bottles after the experience was finished. The wine expert really knew his stuff. I know quite a bit about wine tasting already, but picked up so much new stuff. The cheeses were also excellent, and perfectly matched the wines. I would recommend this to anyone."
J.S. Verified Reviewer

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