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The relation between the Trere’ family and wine is al long story started in the 60s and today is at the fourth generation of a wonderful story that in more than 50 years was filled of love for the land and the local grapes.A family run business since the 60′s focused on the production of fine wine from autoctonan grapes such as Sangiovese and Albana, but not only.The vineyard also produce some international grapes like Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc to only say few.The technology is at the grapes service for the continual improvement of the wines even if the Trere family always like to remember that the wine comes from the field.All the different vines grow in a total of 35 hectares, of which 17 are dedicated to Sangiovese only, 4 to Albana, 8 to other autoctonan grapes ( cagnina, pagadebit, uve longanesi, ecc..) and 6 to white grapes such as Sauvignon blanc, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah.Today Trere produce 18 different types of wine: this is the full result of important knowledge given through generation to generation..


Trere’ Family told by Morena Trere’

TRERE’ farm was born in the early Sixties.

The founder Valeriano Trerè, my father was working in the agricultural sector, when he had the chance to start a business on his own by purchasing the first 14 hectares of Saccona farm in the Faenza hills, a land rich of traditions and ceramics producers.My father started producing the first 3 DOC-wines: Albana, Trebbiano and Sangiovese. In 1976, after my education, wedding and a child, almost by chance I started getting interested in my father’s business. All of a sudden, I falled in love for the production of wine. My father (who did’t expect that his only female child would love his land so much) was really happy that gave me the responsibility of running the cellar.It was easy to obtain our brand: we made a small research in the Faenza library and then made it painted on a ceramic plate by a very good potter. Many years passed by since then, but my passion still the same. This has als been encouraged since, a years ago, my son, Massimiliano, joined our business. Our farmis now extended over 35 hectares, 31 of which we cultivate vines. The produce 18 different type of wine today and our business policy aims at constantly enhancing the quality of both the vineyard system and the wine. We strongly believe that our duty is to take more and more care of both quality and image of our wine, especially now that Romagna wines are finally known and appreciated all over the World.Our vine implantation system sice few years ago was widespread and the stumps per hectare were maximum 2,000; today our new implantation systems are made of 4,000 plants per hectare and by the spurred cordon cultivation system, which makes the plant produce only few bunches thus increasing the concentration of both sugar and coloring. Following this criteria we obtained a wine more intense in aroma and taste and more preservable and more suitable to age.Together with my son Massimiliano, and thanks to the collaboration of the oenologist Emiliano Falsini of Matura group, we now produce 150,000 bottles per year, entirely produced from our vines. Half of these bottles are sold on the foreign market: North and Central Europe, the US, Canada, Russia, Japan, and Singapore. Our favourite clients are small importers and wine bars, as we’d like to establish a relationship of collaboration and support to make our wine known worldwide.“Our wines may be not so famous, but they have an excellent quality/price ratio thanks to the care and constant enhancement. It is an exciting job, which allows you to be in touch with the outside world, but at the same time it contains in itself history, traditions, joy and love for the land: our land of Romagna, our oil.”


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