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Azienda agricola Tenuta Elisabet was founded in 2008-2009,after machinery and vineyard full restructure, giving a new breath of modernity to a country house that dominates the area around a smooth hilly land. This is one of the most beautiful of the Oltrepò Pavese area, land of vineyards and of excellent wines. Since the business started Tenuta Elisabet has always been focused on producing maximum quality wines: starting from the land and from every single plant, up to the last bottle of wine made. The estate is located in the middle of an enchanted valley protected by the fierceness of the cold winds that blow from the North. The family is originally from Franciacorta and everyone is involved in running the estate: Elisabetta Pagani, Amedeo Bonetti and their son Davide Bonetti responsible for the technical and administrative side of the company


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