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The Poggio Torselli estate sprawls over the Tuscan hills in the municipality of San Casciano in Val di Pesa. This is the area of Chianti Classico. The superb landscape offers sweeping views over about 30 hectares of verdant vineyards and 2,700 olive trees. In the Tuscan countryside, fragrances and colors intoxicate the senses of those who love and cherish them, an instinct that is second nature at Poggio Torselli. In more practical terms, Poggio Torselli’s mission is to pass on the savors and colors of this noble land,by maintaining a healthy balance of modern agronomic techniques and a high respect for the territory as a whole.

This respect of the territory means getting to know the land and understanding its needs. That is why Poggio Torselli uses only clones that come from a scrupulous selection process for new plantings. Everything is made to work functionally and rational in full respect of the environment.


 The future is founded on ancient traditions 


The Poggio Torselli philosophy can be summed up in a single concept – our indissoluble bond with the terroir. By terroir,we mean a way of living in the country and cultivating its fruits. We see our working life as a never-ending exchange of ideas between ancient traditions and new generations of growers, in the hillside setting that makes Poggio Torselli wines unique and inimitable. The rows of sun-kissed vines, cooled in the valley’s shadow, stand on varying slopes with varying aspects to create a fitting backdrop for the historic Villa Poggio Torselli. From the Villa’s strategic position, a single glance can embrace the estate’s entire vine stock. Each variety has its place, interpreting the territory in full respect of the changing soil types and range of hillside aspects. Planning wines means taking and implementing decisions on the estate, from land management to water retention, selecting varieties and clones, and adopting training systems. Every decision is carefully weighed against the final objective, our synthesis of quality, tradition and respect for the territory.

 Newly planted vineyards the present is yielding good fruits 


Agronomic policy for the newly planted vineyards stays absolutely faithful to the estate’s mission of skillfully integrating the traditions of this unique territory with innovative, up-to-the minute, viticulture techniques. This is the perspective from which the Estate’s decision to conserve environmental conditions should be viewed. Poggio Torselli’s investment policy aims to restore the ancient equilibrium of the past and the overall goals are to produce wines of the very highest quality and to promote the Chianti Classico zone. The brightest star in the Poggio Torselli viticulture firmament is Sangiovese, a vine as noble as it is demanding, Sangiovese only gives its best on favorable soils and in appropriate micro climates. Sangiovese has always been the leading variety in Chianti Classico. At Poggio Torselli, it has found the range of soil, topographical and climatic conditions that enable it to produce truly complex, harmonious wines. That is why the vast majority of vines at Poggio Torselli are Sangiovese. Space is set aside for a few international varieties- Cabernet Merlot and Chardonnay- only where the environmental conditions are unsuitable for our leading native variety. At Poggio Torselli, vineyard management decisions reinforce the advantages that nature has bestowed on the estate.


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