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The Monferrato wine district of Piedmont, although being overshadowed by the more popular appellation of Langhe, deservedly holds the designation of “Gateway” to the Region viticultural scene. This is the native land of one of the most celebrated grape varietals in the World: the Barbera. Livio Pavese is regarded as one of the most influential producers and several of the Family members were among the most significant people in the History of the Community. Arnaldino Pavese in 1217 contributed to the independence of the City of Asti. Angelo Pavese was a revered teacher of agriculture, chemistry and technology. Stefano, a notable composer, Nicola in 1790 a prominent landlord of the Comune of Casali Nuovo. Livio, besides being an important figure in the Piedmont wine scene, has served as a mayor of Treville Monferrato for 15 years. He also get focused in the import / export activity, selecting wines from other European regions and exporting fine wines of Piedmont now on the global market.  


Export & Prizes 

The export of Livio Pavese refers to the following countries: Germany, England, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, USA, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Canada and some Latin American countries including Brazil. Many awards attest to the professionalism and its longstanding commitment to Livio Pavese in the wine industry, receiving the following titles: – Four Oscars of Douja d’Or of Asti – Silver medal (only one assigned to the Italian wines) at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in London in 1983 – Second place at the Wine tasting of Barolo wines of The Wine Spectator 1984 – Second place in the tasting organised by Decanter’s magazine of London 1984 The company of Treville, in the heart of Monferrato, is the center of the Livio Pavese’s activities: here are the origins and traditions of his family and his job as winemaker, with the experience of generations. The quality of Livio Pavese’s wines was born from these hills, cultivated with passion and expertise generated by a family passion and through work of decades. The constant relationship with other productive realities and with men who manage them, enabled Livio Pavese to continuous updates on the production techniques and winemaking.

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