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The company was founded by Raphael Vagner who in 1897 purchased the property in a land with an adjoining house in the area of Ripatransone known as “the Caniette” where he moved with his family. Are added to the original property over the years other parcels of adjoining land purchased with the savings of labor. The production of wine is already a reality experience that supports the family with the fruits of other activities. Raffaele fact, in addition to agricultural production brings forth a promising activities in the field of ‘ bull breeding stud breed Marche .
On the death of his father Raffaele driving family activity passes to his son John who in the ’40simplanted the first rows of vines in some of its land surpassing the historic wine-growing trees and focusing on the activity as a productive activity in its own right.
The wine business becomes the main business activity with Raffaele Vagner, who in the ’60s gradually converts vineyards in most of the land inherited from his father John for a total of 9 out of 11 hectares of vineyards owned and equips the fledgling company a appropriate structure for the production and marketing of quality wines.



In 1990 , with the final entry in Organic son John, are produced and marketed the first bottles of Rosso Piceno brand Le Caniette that, on the Suggested Master Gianfranco Notargiacomo, Artist and Professor of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, take the name of ” Morellone ” and  ”Rosso Bello”.In 2002 Raffaele gives the reins of the company to his sons John and Luigino that the drive still. The Company extends up to today’s 20 acres of property, 16 of which are vineyards. In 2007 was inaugurated the new building that houses the two barriccaie and the tasting room, inspired by a modern and functional design, open to public and private events such as exhibitions, conferences, business dinners and celebrations private.La production focuses on 6 labels that highlight the potential of indigenous grapes grown thanks to modern techniques of cultivation and vinification filtered by the wisdom of the fathers.

Eco & Bio

And ‘now universally recognized as a value of at all the commitment of every human being to respect the environment and a commitment to preserve it in good condition for future generations.The Azienda Agricola Le Caniette states to adhere to and promote the concept of “harmony” with the environment, and it is for this that always marries the project for the preservation of the environment through the use of ORGANIC FARMING land and its fruits.Considering the compliance with environmental legislation the starting point for environmental management, the Company is committed to maintaining a first environmental management system in compliance with UNI EN ISO 14001:04 and then join, starting in 2006, to the Protocol inspection and certification of organic Consortium for the CONTROL of ORGANIC PRODUCTS – CCPB.


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