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The evolution of our reality, always sensitive to the recovery of traditions in a modern key re-evaluated today, is characterized by the use of the most innovative methods of research and experimentation in the field of agronomy, wine and business management.
Our modus operandi simple but dynamic, spread dramatically in the areas suited to viticulture of Puglia, with the aim to restore and enhance the excellence of the vines strictly native, managing the entire supply chain, from land to  the final consumer.
The know – how gained in these years of experience in the field, international comparisons, the ability to continually improve and the ongoing commitment to excellence, are the guidelines to produce Primitivo di Manduria -Feudi del Cardinale



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The company is based in Manduria Messapico renowned center located just 10 km from the beautiful Ionian coast of Salento. The particular characteristics of soil and climate are ideal for the cultivation of the vine. The vineyards are located between the inland and the coastal Messapico, all of ancient date. Year after year, the vineyards are in the run continues to grow and new owners give us their land, checking all the farming operations. The grapes belonging to varieties strictly native, preferring the traditional farming systems and typical of our area: “the little tree of Puglia.” The productions contained and modern methods give the wines intensity, body and flavor that are a genuine expression of the territory. Each stage of production is supervised directly by our technicians.

The Project

The project Feudi del Cardinale was born in 2009 when the current shareholders decide, with the help of technical experts, to plan the entire spinneret : from the earth to the bottle.
For the realization of this project, in the meantime become young Actually, it consists of a technical staff composed of experts in the field; agronomists, winemakers, tasters.
Achieved the goal of quality, at the base of our project, we formed the company in 2013 with the aim to place the product on the national and international market in the high end of the range.

The Vinification

The winemaking operations are geared to affirm a concept of “enology natural “where the varietal characteristics of the grape are enhanced and not distorted. Our specific choice is to produce wines of the area without affecting the identity tradition and history.
The individual parcels of grapes are checked, select and start the winemaking respecting the principle of uniformity of quality and traceability from the vineyard to final bottle.
The calendar takes into account the contribution of the time of harvest with the aim of bring wine grapes perfectly healthy and intact. The processes of transformation, vinification and aging are conducted by the staff of the winery with great care and the productive rigor of the old masters, using the most modern equipment and tools available today in the field of wine.

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