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A winding road caressing the hillside vineyards takes you to Moleto, a little hamlet of Saracens origins, only 12 dwellers, sitting atop of a hill in the heart of the Monferrato wine district in Piedmont. Here, the enchanted atmosphere is offered by 17th Century villas and lush gardens, a farmhouse, two chapels, a lodge with restaurant and the winery with pre-Roman caves, which now give shelter to barrels and bottles filled with wine. Monferrato is the gateway to the more celebrated district of Langhe, where Bardo and Barbaresco are produced. Nonetheless, Monferrato has a history of grape growing and wine production that’s an ancient and rich as any other Appellation, carried on by people who are passionate and protective about this vocation as anyone in the World. In this district the Barbera receives the same attention that Nebbiolo receives into the Langhe. Moleto is a slice of Heaven, peaceful and unspoiled. Here in the 1300s the astronomer Giovanni Celoria chosed Moleto to study the skies, because of the clear skies and remote location of the place, which today still preserve the same undisturbed ambience. 


The Bottinelli Family

The Bottinelli family involved the wine business for almost 100 years, has owned the Estate since 1990. Since then an on-going restoration has brought nowadays Moleto to a inimitable glow and charm. It’s a treasured tourist destination with its World class restaurant and lodge, and it has even played and important role as a film setting. The 80 acres of vineyards are mainly planted to Barbera, the most significant grape variety of this area. Other types of indigenous grapes, such as Moscato and Grignolino are also grown, along with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon for the production of two “Monferrato” DOC wines. Two teams are overseeing the vineyard practices and the cellar operation, agronomist Maurizio Cerrato and enologist Donato Lanati. All the vineyards are planted in a Guyot style and grow at an altitude range between 250 and 450 mt. at sea level, at a density of about 2000 plants per acre.

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