Dionysius Importers select and research producers and wineries throughout Italy,based on the quality of products offered,the lifestyle of the vineyards and its region. Dionysius Importers is engaged in the research of an excellent variety of products and bring on customers tables exceptional wines,ready to satisfy the most demanding palates. We offer wines of every calibre and quality to distribute in hotels, restaurants, selected vendors, chains, supermarkets and events organisers. We select and  get in touch with all business realities and offer the best quality with the best money value: we also offer a selection of interesting vintage wines of the most important Italian wineries.
Dionysius Importers works to promote gastronomy tourism development with the cellars whom we work with: combining a tasting of wines from a cellar with the flavours and culture of the place is very important to know and deeply understand the origins of our products, and there is nothing more relaxing to do so directly in the original place: contact us to learn more or watch where to stay in our wine cellars. We offer a wide range of products on retail sale: take a tour of our online shop and purchase one of our offered mixed boxes of wines: you will definitely be amazed on how many different tastes you can satisfy through our wines. 

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